Laser Therapy

We have been providing laser therapy here at the surgery since 2018. The service has flourished and is very popular amongst not just our elderly patients, but for all areas of care.

Laser treatment is used to relieve pain, reduce swelling, and increase range of motion. It has proved to be greatly beneficial to our elderly patients with arthritis but also to wound care, pain management, ligament and tendon conditions, nerve and spinal cord conditions and bone cartilage repair. The laser has fantastic healing properties and regenerates cells to help reduce the quantity of medication your pet takes and, in some cases, eliminate the use of medication altogether.

Our laser therapy is delivered by Lianne O’Boyle RVN, a qualified laser therapist and veterinary nurse with over twenty years’ experience.

Lianne combines her in-depth knowledge and experience to deliver K-Laser therapy to achieve the best possible outcome for all her patients. Lianne has a significant number of new patients coming via recommendation and delivers all the therapies here at the practice.

The therapy is very quick, non-invasive and painless, and owners can stay with their pets whilst the therapy takes place.

It is easy to book an appointment with Lianne, just contact the reception team directly and they will give you the next available appointment time.

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