Orthopaedic Specialist

We have been liaising with a very highly qualified Orthopaedic Veterinary Surgeon for the last 6+years. We offer this service from Radiography, diagnostic imaging to surgical procedures here at the practice which often reduces the need to visit referral centres. Our specialist has a very well-established career and has won awards for his services to the Veterinary industry.

The surgeon works alongside our nurse team to provide specialist care, medication, and surgery to the highest possible standards for our patients.

This not only reduces the stress to yourself and pet of having to travel to another veterinary hospital, but it also reduces the cost of treatment.

We always request that you book an initial consultation with one of our resident Veterinary surgeons first, to establish an outline of the condition, and then our specialist can provide a consultation, review of X-ray images, and the surgical procedure if required.

You can book an appointment for this service through our website, or by calling the surgery directly on 0161 766 2550.

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