Charlie Ballington

Charlie Ballington our beautiful rescue fur baby, aged 10.

Even though we only had Charlie for 8 short months before he was suddenly taken from us, we feel that those 8 months were the best of his life after everything he had endured before his rescue. He was a very loving boy, and he’s always got a place in our hearts, gone but never forgotten 💔

Pixie Mcgregor

Miss Pixie passed away 29/07/2021

Pepsi Thomas

We had Pepsi from 10 weeks untill 13.5 years, and he gave us 13 wonderful years👌🏻❤️🐶, full of unconditional love, mischievous play and in his later years a lovely loyal follow you everywhere old man, although he never aged in looks.we always joked he was a lady boy way to pretty to be male.
Typical of cavaliers he had heart problems last 3 years but with help, support and guidance from Mr Irving , and staff he lived a happy life.
Unfortunately took a quick sudden decline, we thought was heat was a very hot few weeks, he was groomed in the morning, came home looking devine and smelling of David Beckham for dogs I’m told .But that evening it was just his time to follow the rainbow,he crossed it in our arms looking beautiful and at peace , most 💔day ever.
He closed his eyes looking at us , feeling us with him, no pain and no more tablets wrapped in ham, it became our game lol.
Mr Irving and especially Gabby but also all staff are wonderful and made the journey so much easier, forever great full of that team Irving 👌🏻❤️🩺


Jet Thomas

Just 3 months after we lost Pepsi we adopted Jet aged 7 yrs a cavalier who’s father was ill with covid, unfortunately jet was too a poorly boy , much more than we thought.
In his short little time with us he brought much happiness and filled a void in our home more than we could of hoped for, he was a bruiser of a boy and my daughters shadow , in just 3 months his time had come to go meet Pepsi , it was so hard only being 2 months since Pepsi but again team Irving were amazing , beautiful at his closing of eyes, beautiful card sent and the hair from jets tail before his cremation.
Fabulous team🩺👌🏻❤️☺️


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