Raven came to the practice for free Nurse socialisation visits to overcome her fears of coming to the vets, her owner worked very hard with her and accompanied Raven on every visit to help build her confidence in us as a team. We are delighted with her progress and now Raven attends once a month with the nurse team to maintain her trust in us, and this is what her owners have to say, 

After some unfortunate experiences at vet practices in her early years, Raven was a nervous patient when she first came to T.A Irving. She was too frightened to enter the consult rooms and even required sedation for the vet to examine her.
Seeing how much she struggled, T.A Irving invited me to bring her for socialisation visits to try and change her association of vet practices.

After a few months of co-operative care training and lots of supportive visits at T.A Irving, Raven now loves her visits there and has built up trust with the staff too.
She now stands calmly for examinations and even had a blood draw taken without needing to be restrained!

Knowing that Raven enjoys coming and won’t find it a stressful experience has been a real game changer for me. Vet visits have become enjoyable for us both! I can’t thank T.A Irving enough for their support, time and patience.

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